Why a Gas Safety Check Might Save Your Life

Carbon Monoxide-Why Do We take It So Lightly?

Although we have written a couple of articles before on Carbon Monoxide just recently it has become very apparent that the New Zealand mentality of ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix’ it has started to really worry us here at Hydrolix.

The only time that we really hear  about carbon monoxide is when some poor soul has decided to take their own life via a car exhaust and a closed garage door. Hydrolix is going to take it on ourselves to highlight the dangers of Carbon Monoxide in the home and workplace.

Below is a video from GasSafe in the UK. TThe premise is the same. Every house with  natural gas or LPG in New Zealand should have a check by a licensed and or certified gas fitter. Make sure that you ask for the card. Every licensed Gasfitter will be able to produce their card when asked. Don’t let anyone who does not have one safety check your house or service your gas appliances, it could be fatal if you do so.

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Carbon Monoxide poisoning is real folks. Last year 70 (0.0015%) people in New Zealand(4.4million) died in homes from CO (Carbon Monoxide) poisoning. In America, which has a population of some 300 million, only 500 people died in homes (0.0001%). This shows that New Zealand is way behind in terms of Carbon Monoxide awareness and education.

In America it is compulsory for Carbon Monoxide detectors to be fitted in homes. In New Zealand this is not the case. In the UK it is compulsory for rental properties to have an annual gas safety check, whereas in New Zealand this is not so, despite the fact that the greatest proportion of flueless gas  heaters are in those living in rented accommodation in low socioeconomic areas.

Why is it not compulsory in New Zealand? Well the only thing that we can surmise is that there is no education and hence no awareness of the silent killer that is Carbon Monoxide.

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