Rinnai Water Heaters – Controllers

I learnt something the other day about Rinnai Water Heaters. Something that I should have placed a lot more emphasis on a long time ago!

Constant Water Flow Heaters need controllers. Notice that I said controllers plural, not singular controller.

I was at a Rinnai course on water heater maintenance and servicing where the use of controllers was discussed in length. Basically in a nutshell if you are to get the most out of your water heater and extend the water heater’s life you need two controllers.

Why two may you ask? Well it’s quite basic really.  Most Constant Flow Water heaters such as the Rinnai A series produce constant water heater at the outlet at 55℃.

When taking a bath or shower the average water temperature required is 38℃ . (Research shows that females like the shower and bath temperature hotter than males).

When washing dishes etc you need a hotter temperature – 55℃ to wash off fats and grease etc.

Bear with me here.

Most people when they shower turn on their shower and adjust the temperature to suit. How this is achieved is by mixing hot water with cold i.e. mixing 55℃ with ambient cold water temperature of 20℃ to achieve the shower temperature required.

Rinnai Bathroom Controller

This has 2 effects. One, you are cooling the water you have already heated to 55℃ by adding cold water.  And two, you are making your water heater do work that it doesn’t have to do.

Wouldn’t a more cost efficient way be to only heat the water to the temperature you require?

On controllers there is a function that allows you to select the temperature required. If you use one controller you would have to set the temperature where the controller is located.

If you have two controllers you can set up one as the master controller. For instance, if you take a shower, you walk into the shower, select your desired temperature, turn on the shower to hot and the water comes out at the set temperature i.e 37℃.

While you are in the shower no one can alter the temperature and as you are drawing just hot water anyone who turns on either a cold or hot tap will not alter the temperature.

Once you have finished in the bathroom, you can either change the temperature on the controller back to your required normal temperature either in the bathroom or where the second controller is located.

So, to sum up,  two controllers are better than one or none.

To chat about adding controllers to your Rinnai Water Heater or to have yours serviced call 0800 HYDROLIX.