Plumbing Repair and Maintenance

Plumbing Repair and Maintenance

As Plumbers and Gas Fitters we deal with all a manner of water leaks, gas leaks, toilet leaks, leaking taps, blocked drains and  hot water systems not working every day.

Toilet Leaks and Repairs.

The majority of toilet repairs that we deal with are cisterns leaking into the toilet bowl. The leaks are either caused by the breakdown of rubber washers on the cistern inlet valves or underwater valve washers leaking.

Our Hydrolix plumbers carry a range of spares so we can quickly rectify most problems ina prompt efficient manor.

Leaking flush pipes or pan connectors are somewhat different and may require the removal and reinstallation of a toilet pan or cisterns.

Your plumber will be able to advise you if this is the case along with an estimate of cost as sometimes minor repairs can end up being somewhat costly.

Give out team a call  Ph. 021 0866 0654 or book an appointment for with of our plumbers. Click Here

Leaking Pipes and Water Main Leaks

It’s very interesting to follow the time line progression of pipework in houses. There is such a wide variety.

Houses built early last century usually had galvanised water mains along with the internal pipework being galvanised.

In the fifties most houses then still had a galvanised water main them int he internal pipework was hard copper.

In the 1970s we started to see alkathene water mains as plastics started to enter the market.

Then in the late seventies, early eighties  to today we saw the introduction of softer plastics in the form of polybutylene for most internal water plumbing.

Each type of pipe work has its own particular challenges in repairing leaks. At Hydrolix we are experienced in all of the above type of pipework.

Whether it is a simple repair or a full repipe of a brittle early polybutylene water system we would love to help

Please call 0210 866 0654 to speak with one of the team if you have an urgent plumbing repair.

For general plumbing maintenance we recommend you use our simple online form to contact us. We will get back to you to arrange a suitable time to visit.

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