Plumbing Installation and Alterations

Plumbing Installation and Alterations

Everyone has seen the gorgeous bathrooms and kitchens on programmes such as Grand Designs or in Home and garden magazine.

Yes, they look beautiful and practical and everybody would love one. But behind every sink, shower and dishwasher lies the work of a plumber.

It’s easy to run pipework and connect an appliance, however it is somewhat harder to do it properly so that everything works as it should.

At Hydrolix we have the experience to ensure that your plumbing is adequately designed so that your taps have evenly balanced flow and pressure.

We can help you select and design  the appropriate tap ware, appliances, hot and cold water supply to suit every circumstance.

Call the Hydrolix office for free advice on 0210 866 0654. Or book an appointment with one of our experienced plumbers through our Appointment Calendar.

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