No Hot Water

No Hot Water

No Hot Water usually means cold showers first thing in the morning. We can’t think of many worse things in life!

At Hydrolix we can help sort out your hot water issues promptly and efficiently. Our staff are trained to service and install both electric and gas hot water cylinders and heaters.

Before calling us on 02108660654 

There are a couple of things that we will probably want to know when you call us:

1/ Do you have water?

2/ Has there been an electricity or gas outage in the past 24 hrs?

3/ What type of Water Heater do you have? Gas or Electric?

4/ If gas. Is it Natural Gas (piped gas from the street) or LPG )bottled gas

4/ Can you see any water leaks anywhere?

5/ Have you had a high use of hot water in the last hour? Such as teenagers showering, washing machine and dishwasher going at the same time?

These questions will help us determine what course of action to take and to inform our service staff of any details that will help them rectify your issue quickly.

Please call 021 0866 0654 to speak to one of the team about your hot water issue.

If the problem is not urgent try using our appointment form to book one of our staff


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