Hot Water And What You Need to Know

Hot Water And What You Need to Know

There are many ways to heat hot water in your home. Things have moved on since you had to boil a pot on the open fire or to boil the copper to do your washing. Even in the last 5 years there have been huge developments in hot water cylinders especially in regard to energy savings and efficiency.

In the last 80 years in new Zealand the tradition was to have a low pressure copper cylinder powered with a 2kw/hr electric element. Things evolved in the late 1970s with the introduction of mains pressure enamel lined cylinders.

During the last 20 years we have seen the introduction new foam insulation methods and energy saving cylinders as the ever growing search for efficiency grows stronger.

With the introduction of the digital age has bought smart cylinders and highly efficient continuous flow hot water units with multiple controllers

There are lot of pros and cons to get through when either replacing your existing your existing hot water cylinder or when building a new home.

Rinnai SS Mains Pressure Hot Water Cylinders

Replacing and Selecting The Correct Hot Water Cylinder.

If you are replacing a worn out low pressure cylinder it may pay to consider upgrading to a mains pressure hot water cylinder. The main considerations to consider beside price are water pressure, existing tapware in your house as ow pressure cylinders usually operate at around 76 kPa, whilst it is normal for a mains pressure hot water cylinder to operate around 700 to 800kPa.

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It may to pay  to check the age of hot water cylinder if things are starting to go wrong such as the connected valves stop working. This is especially important if the cylinder is over 10 years of age.

New Zealand has different levels of water quality and some types of water especially hard water with a corrosive content mean that in reality after 10 years your hot water cylinder may need replacing.

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Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water.

Sometimes called by the old term Califont these heat the water as you use it. Either situated internally or externally they use either Natural Gas piped gas from the street or LPG (via a Bank of LPG Bottles). Rinnai A Series

Many of our customers switch from electric or traditional gas hot water cylinders to these units. Set up by themselves they usually heat the water to 55‚ĄÉ at the outlet. However the best use of them is by using 2 controllers to regulate the temperature and amount of water used

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Hydrolix are your first choice to repair or install your hot water cylinder. If you need to upgrade to a larger more energy efficient cylinder, replace an element or switch to a mains pressure system give us a call on 0210 866 0654.

Ask our technician about gas connections such as mains or bottled,  for the convenience of continuous hot water. Hydrolix can repair or install your Rheem, Bosch hot water cylinder or Rinnai continuous flow.

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