Pre-purchase Inspection and Gas Safety Check

Pre-purchase Inspection and Gas Safety Check

Selling or buying a house?

Quite often when buying a house a pre-purchase building inspection is required. What happens in this case is that a licensed builder comes to your house and inspects the house for sounness etc and highlights possible problems and defects.

What is in your usual pre-purchase building report?

Or maybe the question should be what is not in your pre-purchase report?

Often a quick overview or the plumbing is included in the report such as the spouting, a brief look at the waste pipes and what type of the hot water cylinder is in the house.

What you don’t get is a full detailed report on plumbing fittings and fixtures, water pressure, how drains are running and potential replacements in the near future such as hot water cylinders, filter cartridges etc. Our report will.

Does your new house have a carbon monoxide problem?

Has your gas been checked? Building reports often only report the type of appliances that are in the house. They do not report whether there could be a Carbon Monoxide problem in the house or whether the properties gas pipework is leaking and that gas appliances meet the relevant gas codes and standards.

Carbon Monoxide is deadly!

It is not called the “Silent Killer” without reason. You can’t see it, you can’t smell it so how do you know it’s there? The only way to check is to carry out a specific test for it. This test needs to be carried by a Certified Gas Fitter

Carbon Monoxide is caused by gas burning incompletely. This is caused by not having enough oxygen during the combustion process. The main causes are appliances, either not being serviced annually, incorrectly or illegally installed and inadequate ventilation.

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