Annual Plumbing Inspections

Annual Plumbing Inspections

An annual plumbing inspection is a small price to pay to avoid an expensive repair.  Having your home plumbing inspected annually is the opportunity to prevent small problems becoming bigger ones.

Book an inspection with one of our plumbers and they will check your pipes, connections, drains and appliances in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry for any likely issues. A small leak can make a big mess if it goes unnoticed.  

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What We Look For

During an inspection, your plumber will typically look for damage, leaks (as well as the potential for these dangers) in the following areas:

  • Toilets
  • Bathtub, Shower & Vanity units
  • Sinks and Waste Disposal units
  • Water Heater System
  • Shut-Off Valves
  • Washing Machine Hoses and Taps
  • Above ground waste pipes
  • All exposed water pipework

How It All Works

Our plumber will arrive onsite at the agreed time. They will go through their checklist room by room looking for damage and potential future problems.

We will require access to under the house or roof cavity to check pipework.

Please have all cupboards that need to be inspected clear and free of items that may impede a through inspection.

At the end of the inspection our plumber will physically point any damage or potential problems to you. If required and ordered We will then generate a report with photos and email that to you within 24 hours.

Types or Report

Plumbing Inspection Details

Quick Verbal Report

  • Full Inspection
  • Discussed onsite or Via Phone Call
  • No Photos
  • Ideal For
  • People on a budget, Shopping around, Require Quick Info

Full Written Report

  • Full Inspection
  • Full PDF Document emailed
  • Photos
  • Ideal For
  • First home buyers, Using a mortgage, Smart Investors
  • Ready in 24-48hrs


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