How To Save Water

As i write this post it is finally raining here in Auckland. It’s hard to tell whether the rain fall is going to last long enough to make any headway into breaking the drought. With our dams at record lows and the additional pipeline from the Waikato river seemingly bogged down in bureaucratic read tape as with COVID19 we are all being asked to do out bit for the greater good.

From a plumbers point of view the public needs to try and save water as much as possible. But in reality WaterCare and its mangers need to have a big hard look in the mirror at their management and investment of the reticulation system in the Auckland area. Day after day we find water leaks that are not on private property. Walk around your local district and you will see what I mean.

Anyway rant over. Let’s get back to the business of saving water. WaterCare (bless them) have produced this really cool little video on their Water for Life website to help you save water

Water For Life | Water is Precious | A campaign to help Auckland conserve water | WFL

From a plumbing point of view there area few other things that you can do.

Water Temperature

Make sure that your water heater is set to the correct temperature (65 C) and then is reduced down at the tempering valve. Test the water temperature using at thermometer. At the nearest appliance i.e sink etc should be 55C. IF your water is too hot you will be adding extra cold water it to cool it down.

Water Heater Controllers

If you have a gas constant flow water heater and don’t have controllers get at least 2 installed. That way you can set the temperature of the water to suit what you are using it for. I.e Women shower at 38C, men slightly colder. Most of the other water in a house is used at 45-55C. by using a controller you can set the lower temperature and once again do not have to add extra water to cool it down at the shower mixer.

Replace the aerators in you taps

It’s quite easy to replace your aerators in your taps to restrict the water flow. Ask a plumber to do this for you as they will have the correct fittings

Water Saving Shower Heads

Although personally I am a little dubious about these due to water flow issues especially in low pressure hot water systems. They are a good idea in the right circumstances. There are many types available from your local plumbing merchant.

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